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Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions for Prescriptions. If your question isn't answered here, please contact us on the details below.

  1. Yes, when you add a prescription product to your cart you will be prompted to fill out a patient profile. Here, you will be able to enter in your safety net number. You will also have the option to upload a copy (photo or scanned) of your safety net card. You will also be required to show these cards in person if you have not shopped at that particular pharmacy before.

  2. Due to the public health problems caused by the misuse of some medicines, these products are available for purchase in store only. Stock availability is displayed online, however you cannot add them to your cart and you will need to physically go in store to purchase these products.

  3. For your safety and to fulfil our health care obligations, when purchasing a prescription product online you will be asked a series of questions before checkout and also be required to post or drop off your original script to your pharmacy before the order is fulfilled. You'll also need your Medicare number so ensure you have this on hand when placing your order.

  4. It is illegal to accept faxed or emailed prescriptions in Australia at this stage. We do allow you to upload a scanned/ photographed copy of your script during the order process however, we must receive the original script before we can dispense and fulfil your order. You can either post in or drop off the script to the Chemmart® Pharmacy you placed your order with.

  5. Yes, Chemmart® Pharmacy offer a script service which includes keeping your scripts on file. Just mention it to the Pharmacist when you drop off your script and they will keep it on file. The next time you place an order, we will automatically match up the repeats with the order.

  6. Items, which are subsidised by the government under the National Health Service (NHS), are charged at different prices depending on the type of benefit card a customer may have. There are three levels under the NHS. The first is called General patients. These are customers with a Medicare card but no other benefit cards i.e. no pension or concession card. These people must pay up to the first $36.10 before the government starts to subsidise their medicines. The second is concession patients. These are people who are on a health care card, pension card, veterans affairs card or safety net concession card. These patients pay the first $5.90 of a script and the government subsidises the rest. The third is the safety net entitlement patients. These are people who have a benefit card and obtain 60 scripts in a calendar year. These people obtain scripts at no cost. The private price you see on most prescription medications is the price with no government subsidy. NB additional charges may apply over and above these if a patient elects to receive a more expensive brand.

  7. The government under the National Health Service (NHS) subsidises many medicines so that all Australians can have access to affordable prescription medicines. Because they are paying for some or all of the cost of these, they impose restrictions on how frequently they can be dispensed. This varies from item to item but you can ask your pharmacist what the time interval is on a particular product. In most cases the time interval is 21 days. Items dispensed before this time interval cannot be covered under the NHS except in special circumstances.

  8. To obtain a tax report or Safety Net report you will need to contact your local Chemmart® Pharmacy directly.

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