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Corns and callouses on the feet can be uncomfortable, unsightly and in some cases, even painful.

They are thick, hardened layers of skin that your skin develops to try and protect itself against friction or pressure. While corns and callouses are most common on the feet because of the pressure they are typically under, they can form anywhere. There are some similarities between corns and callouses, however they do have many distinct characteristics of their own. Callouses typically develop when your skin repeatedly rubs against something which causes friction. They are also generally broader and less defined than corns and are less likely to be painful. Corns are commonly caused by shoes that don’t fit properly or styles which put pressure on a particular area of the foot. They are typically smaller than callouses, are round in shape, have more defined edges and press into deeper layers of the skin which can cause pain. We carry a range of foot care products which includes a selection of corn and callous products that can help with these skin complaints in a variety of different ways. Within the range you’ll find cushions and gel pads which may help to relieve the discomfort they can cause as well as a range of pads, liquids, gels and files which can help with corn removal and callous removal. In this category we also have selected products that may help with bunions which are another common foot condition. The products we carry for corn and callous removal come from some of Australia’s leading brands including Carnation, Manicare, Neat Feat and Scholl. Browse our selection of foot care products today - you can order online, and with our nationwide delivery option, have your purchase delivered to your door.

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