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At Chemmart Pharmacy, we have a huge range of medicines you can buy online to help you look after yourself better.

Within our range of medicines, we carry an extensive selection of digestive health products for various stomach, bowel and urinary concerns. These come from over 35 leading brands such as Benefiber, Coloxyl, Dulcolax, Gastro-Stop, Gaviscon, Hydralyte, Imodium, Lacteeze, Metamucil, Travacalm and Zantac. From staying regular to keeping stomach aches at bay and a whole host of other digestive concerns, maintaining good digestive health is important for all of us to stay healthy overall and keep up with the demands of day to day life. No matter what your digestive health concern is, with our extensive range of products available online, you’ll likely find what you need here.

Our range of digestive health medicines for the stomach include tablets which can help with travel sickness, various liquids and tablets which can relieve indigestion and heartburn as well as products that can help with stomach aches.

The products we carry for digestive health of the bowel can help with a range of concerns. Just a handful of these include constipation, diarrhoea relief, re-hydration following vomiting or diarrhoea, worming, haemorrhoids and dietary fibre. For urinary concerns, we have products which neutralise acidity to help relieve a burning sensation when urinating and some also contain properties which can help to maintain overall health of the urinary tract.

Browse our selection of stomach, bowel and urinary products which may assist you in maintaining good digestive health. You can purchase online and we ship nationwide, which means these products are just a few clicks away from being delivered to your door.

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