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Whether you’re suffering from a cold or flu which brings a range of symptoms, or a cough or sore throat on its own, getting on with day to day life can be a bit of a struggle.

We carry a number of products which can help to relieve the symptoms of cough, sore throat, cold and flu - all available online so you can shop from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your door.

With the range of symptoms that can come with a cold or flu, helping to relieve them can take varied products to help with the different symptoms. We have an extensive range of cold & flu products, so you can find the ones that are right for you. Just a few of these include vaporisers which can help with breathing, vitamins and supplements which may assist the immune system and cold & flu tablets that can help with a number of symptoms at once such as headaches, fever, sneezing and blocked or runny nose.

For sore throat, we have a range of lozenges, gargles and throat sprays which can help to relieve the symptoms such as pain when swallowing and talking, tender glands, the dry or scratchy feeling and a hoarse voice.

To help with coughs, you’ll find a variety of cough liquids, syrups, lozenges and tablets. And as coughs come in many different forms, we have products designed specifically for the different types of coughs such as chesty and dry. A number of cough medicines also have additional decongestant and mucus relief properties.

The cough, cold and flu products we carry come from Australia's leading brands including Benadryl, Blackmores, Bisolvon, Codral, Dimetapp, Durotuss, Lemsip, Strepsils, Zovirax and the Chemmart Pharmacy brand.

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