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As Australia’s leading wellbeing pharmacy, at Chemmart we’re dedicated to helping you look after yourself better.

We carry a huge range of products all designed to help you do just that, and on this page you’ll find a selection of wart treatment products which may help to remove warts. These come from some of Australia’s leading brands including Scholl and Wartner.

Warts are a somewhat common skin condition, particularly in children and young teenagers. They are not usually painful, however they can be if present on an area of your body that has pressure put on it such as the bottom of your foot or on a finger. There are many different types of warts and they can grow anywhere on the body, though they are most common on the feet, knees, hands and face. The look and feel of warts can vary between the different types; some of the characteristics of warts can include a raised bump on the skin; a range of sizes from one to ten millimetres on average; appearing singly or in clusters; smooth or rough surface.

While there are a number of ways to treat warts, treatment isn’t always necessary and some warts can go away on their own over time – if you are concerned about a wart at all or not 100% sure whether your skin condition is a wart, you should consult a doctor.

Browse our wart removal products today to see some of the wart treatments available. You can shop online and have your purchase delivered to your door from your local Chemmart store, which means the products you want are just a few clicks away.

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