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Fungal Nail Treatment

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At Chemmart Pharmacy we carry a range of antifungal treatments including a selection of fungal nail treatments from leading brands including Canesten, Daktarin and Loceryl.

We're dedicated to helping you look after yourself better and with our online store and nationwide delivery, you can shop our range of nail fungal treatment online and have your purchase delivered to your door. Fungal nail infections of the toenails and fingernails are not un-common, though the toenails are more commonly affected as the fungus that causes the infection can thrive in a warm, moist environment. The infection can be caused by a number of things such as a fungal infection of the feet or regular sweating, or as it is a contagious condition, a fungal nail infection can also be picked up from public places where you may come into contact with the fungus such as swimming pools, gyms and nail salons. The symptoms can affect both the appearance and condition of the nails and may include yellow or white discolouration, brittleness or crumbling, thickening, dullness and loss of shine, lifting or loosening of the nail and a darkened colour caused by built up debris under the nail. With the many things we use our nails for, keeping them healthy is no doubt important. From the functional roles they play such as protecting the tips of our fingers and toes, picking things up and scratching an itch, to the aesthetics for those of us who like to keep them polished and looking beautiful, having a fungal infection in the nails can have an impact on all of these things. Browse our range of fungal nail treatments to find the one that may help you get your nails back to health.

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