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If you’ve suffered from hayfever, allergies or sinus problems, you’ll know that they can cause discomfort and impact on your ability to carry on with life as normal.

Hayfever can be triggered by a number of environmental factors, and it’s not just limited to Spring time. With hayfever, you may experience sneezing, an itchy and runny nose, itchy throat and itchy & watery eyes or a combination of these symptoms. Other common allergies which can occur year round can also result in itchy skin, skin rashes and hives. Sinus problems can present a range of symptoms as well; just a few of these being blocked nose, headache and pain and/or pressure in the face. No matter the sinus or allergy problem you’re experiencing, relief is no doubt welcome. At Chemmart Pharmacy, we have a wide range of products available which may help to relieve allergy and sinus symptoms. These come from a host of leading brands including Zyrtec, Telfast, Sudafed, Otrivin, Fess, Chemmart Pharmacy, Dimetapp and Rhinocort.

In our allergy & sinus range, you’ll find anti-histamine tablets which can help to relieve symptoms of hayfever and other allergies. We also carry a selection of other tablets which can provide relief from sinus/nasal pain and congestion, and combination tablets which are designed to target a range of symptoms. In addition to the tablets you’ll find numerous nasal sprays and drops which may provide relief from blocked or runny nose and sinus congestion.

Our range of sinus & allergy products is available for you to purchase online and we ship nationwide so you can have your purchase delivered to your door. Browse our range online now to find the medicines which could help you to get relief from sinus and allergies.

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